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Here at VAGTechnik, we are continually investing into our ever growing professional Dealer Network. We are industry leading specialist's not only in our retail services but also as a high quality OEM parts supplier. We are seeking automotive professionals to join our expanding team across Malaysia. If you or your organisation fall into this category and want to take great advantage of increasing your services, growing your customer base and boosting your profit whilst catering for DTC issues then get in touch today where one of our experts will be happy to help. Become a part of the finest, prestige Dealer Network in the country - an opportunity not to be missed.

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By joining the VAGTechnik Dealer Network, you are not buying into a franchise - you are investing into your future profits and business avenues whilst remaining totally your own enterprise. Our Dealer Network consists of a wide range of industry professionals carrying a belt of knowledge ensuring you grow comfortably and with expertise into the expanding automotive service industries. With VAGTechnik at the heart of your technical support and parts supply, you can rest assure our unmatched knowledge and excellent reputation will guide you into your automotive service venture.

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Our reputation is second to none for providing some of the highest quality service the industry has to offer. Not only this, by becoming an VAGTechnik Dealer you will also boast the following benefits

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