• At what mileage should the carbon clean be performed?

    deCarbon recommends the first clean to be done prior to 50,000 km. The onset of the negative affects start prior to this with consumption taking a dive as soon as 30,000 km. Many car owners buy their vehicles used and have never realized how the car ran from day one. Various examples of build up over different mileage can be seen in our gallery.

  • Will I save on fuel?

    All customers have shown a increase in engine efficiency with some models showing as much as a 3L/100km improvement after the carbon clean. The improvement is due to a change in the torque characteristic of the engine resulting in less throttle useage.

  • How will my performance change?

    Most vehicles show a large increase of torque from idle. The turbo spool up is far quicker and the boost hold at high rpm lasts longer. Cars with detonation problems benefit greatly allowing the ECU to adapt and use more timing. All vehicles show a smoother and quieter idle and ride.

  • Is there a Long Term Solution?

    Unfortunately there is no simple solution to prevent carbon build up of direct injection engines. Some solutions may postpone the problem or even extend the period between services, but they will not eliminate it fully. At deCarbon Team works to educate our clients about proactively preforming this cleaning as part of a regularly scheduled maintenance program over the course of ownership.

  • Will the Carbon Clean affect my warranty?

    At deCarbon we perform a maintenance clean that is non detectable by the service centre. Upmost care is taken in re-installing the stock components.

  • Is my car affected?

    All direct injection vehicles are affected by carbon build up. Call / WhatsApp Mr Tan 0193464373 if you are unsure if your car is fitted with direct injection.